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Model: Vetiveria zizanioides
Botanical name:  Vetivera zizanoidesExtraction method:   steam distillationPart of plant:  root Origin: HaitiInfo:  Closely related to Lemongrass and Citronella, this oil has a unique earthy aroma and a grounding quality. Used in small amounts in massage blends, it adds..
Model: Viola odorata
Botanical name:  Viola odorataExtraction method:  solvent extractionPart of plant:  leafOrigin:  FranceInfo:  To make it accessibly priced we supply this oil diluted to 5% in odorless coconut oilUse within 2 years of openingStore in a cool place away from sunl..
Model: Triticum vulgare
Botanical name:  Triticum vulgare Extraction method:  cold pressed unrefinedPart of plant:  germ of wheatOrigin:  USAInfo:  Add 10 to 15% to a massage oil for its nourishing propertiesUse within 6 months of openingStore in a cool place away from sunlight..
Winter Magic Essential Oil Blend
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Model: winter magic blend
A blend of Cinnamon, Orange and Frankincense to help create a cheerful and warm atmosphere in the cold monthsUse within 2 years of openingStore in a cool place away from sunlightSafety Do not take internally, do not apply undiluted to skin, keep out of reach of children, keep away from eyes, if..
Model: winter-magic-organic-essential-oil-blend
A spicy seasonal blend of certified organic pure essential oils with the warmth of Cinnamon and the bright cheerfulness of Orange. These are combined with Frankincense and Ho Wood which give an extra subtlety and depth of character.For use in an oil burner or diffuserUse within 2 years of opening..
Model: Achillia millefolium
Botanical name:  Achillia millefolium Extraction method:  steam distillationPart of plant:  flowering topsOrigin:  UKInfo:  A herbal oil, similar in composition to ChamomileUse within 2 years of openingStore in a cool place away from sunlightSafety Do not take..
Model: Cananga odorata
Botanical name:  Cananga odorataExtraction method: steam distillationPart of plant:  flowersOrigin:  Madagascar - certified organicInfo:  Ylang Ylang complete is produced by a long distillation of the flowers, producing an oil with a great richness of aroma.A compl..
Model: A Simple Workbook of Magical Planning
This workbook presents a simple method to help make good decisions and solve problems, often without more of a song and dance of them than is necessary..
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