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Firstly, can I say thanks so much for your wonderful oils - we really love them here in our household and they get used for everything. Nature's medicine cabinet. I bought EOs from two online companies, but needless to say the quality wasn't anywhere near that of Atlantic Aromatics.

K. Nic Chonaonaigh
Organic, Fair Trade and ethically sourced products are some of the many reasons why Atlantic Aromatics is our chosen main brand for essential oils. We want to support suppliers who are committed to work sustainably to find solutions so that we can enjoy these beautiful therapeutic products without destroying the environment and potentially causing extinction.

Ingrid, Stockist
David, Ellen and co. have the rare combination of being world experts but always so modest. Never sold out, always true to themselves and their customers plus great fun to work with!

Sally, Stockist
We were delighted to have David Kelly Founder of Atlantic Aromatics visit us in store today. Wonderful Irish brand supplying amazing essential oils since 1985. Atlantic Aromatics work with organic farmers and distillers (mostly small and medium sized family enterprises) from around the world who produce the wonderful, natural and certified organic oils that are available in our store. So proud to be selling these wonderful products.

Michelle, Stockist
I just want to send a message to compliment you on the quality of your products, I have been using a few drops of lavender on my pillow for some time now and always used your one, I purchased another brand because the shop I was in didn't stock yours, there is no comparison. The other brand actually smells synthetic and had the opposite effect to relaxing me, you have a wonderful product and I just wanted to compliment you, it’s also great that you’re an Irish company, wishing you lots of success, your happy customer.

Sinead, Customer
I bought your Organic Rosewater after a friend recommended it and it’s unreal! It makes my skin so soft and clears up spots so quick. Honestly get in on the Organic Rosewater, large bottle for €8.35. I got mine from Health Matters on Grafton Street. Lash it in your bag and spritz your skin throughout the day, it smells so good too.

E Culliton
Love the products. Quality is great and prices are affordable. Rosehip oil is my favourite now. Love small 20ml bottle as it means use it all while fresh. Thank you.

S Kononova
Wonderful oils, swift online delivery and meticulously packaged. Love this trusted brand and couldn’t recommend it more!

A Seow
Discovered you while visiting Ireland last month. I love the rosehip oil. I purchased it for an allergic reaction on my face. I needed healing and comfort. This delivered! Now I use it on my face and neck every night and when needed on other parts of my body. I also have psorias and eczema. Your rosehip would helps so much. I am happy I discovered my "go to" product. Will be ordering more soon.

C Ujavi
I discovered this brand when I was in Ireland. Great quality and very decently priced. I love the Lime and Valerian. The Detox Massage, Bath and Body Oil is a really nice blend too.

S Voisey, Customer
As an aromatherapist, I use all Atlantic Aromatics essential oils and other products in my practice Just Be Holistic Therapies. I order my stock and it arrives on time and in excellent condition. Needless to say, the oils are superb quality, so much so that I have started to sell the product to my customers.

Y Clarke, Aromatherapist
I used to run my own aromatherapy store and found Atlantic Aromatics to be second to none! The quality and purity was amazing and the methods of extraction...the company is run by such lovely people who pride themselves on delivering high quality products and services. I would recommend them to anyone.

S Smith
Love your oils would highly recommend them. Only brand I use.

O Doyle, Customer
Massive congratulations to David on receiving Health Stores Ireland Lifetime Achievement Award. So very well deserved and thank you for all you and Atlantic Aromatics have done and devoted to the industry throughout the years.

Julie, Stockist
Well done to David, Ellen and all at Atlantic Aromatics. Beautiful products. Great service as always from Ellen.

Monica, Stockist
Always a voice you can trust.

Christine, International Aromatherapy Tutor
Atlantic Aromatics inspired me to study Aromatherapy many years ago.

Patricia, Aromatherapist
Congratulations to all in Atlantic Aromatics for such a great product range.

Ray, Customer
Atlantic Aromatics are empathetic and caring and so devoted to the independent health store community.

Oliver, Wholefood Chef