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Explore Atlantic Aromatics' exquisite Gift Collections, thoughtfully assembled to delight and indulge. Featuring a range of organic essential oils, floral waters, and aromatic blends, these gift sets are perfect for any occasion.

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Explore Atlantic Aromatics' exquisite Gift Collections, thoughtfully assemb..
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Botanical Name: winter-magic-organic-essential-oil-blend
A spicy seasonal blend of certified organic pure essential oils with the warmth of Cinnamon and the bright cheerfulness of Orange. These are combined with Frankincense and Ho Wood which give an extra subtlety and depth of character. For use in an oil burner or diffuser Use within 2 years of opening ..
Botanical Name: starter pack
Essential Oils 8 x 5ml - Bergamot, Geranium organic, Lavender organic, Lemon, organic, Rosemary Wild, Rose Absolute 7%, Tea Tree organic, Ylang Ylang organicSweet Almond oil 100mlMeasuring cup for mixingInformation Leaflet This is a very useful selection of oils, particularly for students or anyone ..
Botanical Name: Lavender Aromatherapy Set
With Organic certified products from the Fra family farm in Haute Provence Contents: Lavender essential oil certified organic 5ml Lavender water certified organic 50ml Lavender massage, bath and body 50ml Note: For reasons of durability in transit, these sets are sent lightly shrink wrapped in recyc..
Botanical Name: Rose Aromatherapy Set
With roses grown in the Kasanluk valley in Bulgaria, from the award winning Enio Bonchev distilleryContents:Rose Absolute 7% in odourless coconut 5ml Rose oil in Sweet Almond oil 50mlRosewater certified organic 50mlNote:For reasons of durability in transit, these sets are sent lightly shrink wrappe..
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