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Massage Bath & Body Oil Set

Massage Bath & Body Oil Set
Massage Bath & Body Oil Set
  • Botanical Name: massage-bath-body-oil-set

Four of our unique massage oil formulations, blended in small batchesat our premisesin Wicklow using a sweet almond oil base

Balm no.29 20ml - Soothing and invigorating, great after exercise. Warming spice oils of ginger and pepper with soothing oils of lavender and marjoram

Detox Blend 20ml- Lively, cleansing tonic blend with essential oils of grapefruit, geranium, and juniperberry

Frankincense Relaxation Blend 20ml- Deep relaxation blend for men and women, with organic frankincense oil, calming and meditative in character

Lavender Blend 20ml- With organic lavender essential oil from Provence, a versatile relaxing blend for everyone

Note:For reasons of durability in transit, these sets are sent lightly shrink wrapped in recyclable plastic. We are working with box makers to ensure that on future box productions this will not be necessary