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A comprehensive range of pure essential oils of the highest quality, specia..
A collection of our unique blends of pure essential oils for use in diffuse..
A selection of cold pressed organic certified and conventional vegetable o..
Our unique collection of blends with pure essential oils in a sweet almond..
Organic aromatic waters distilled from flowers, in an easy to use spray bot..
Botanical Name: A Simple Workbook of Magical Planning
This workbook presents a simple and useful method to help make good decisions and solve problems, often without making more of a song and dance of them than is necessary..
Botanical Name: Antiviral Aromatherapy
Maggie Tisserand - international author of aromatherapy health books - has written and published Antiviral Aromatherapy, an easy to understand self-help book for this time of viral pandemic. Full of practical advice and information, the contents are split into four distinct parts: anecdotal stories ..
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